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About Baines Simmons

We are experts in aviation safety performance improvement

Renowned for our professional expertise, practical skills and industry experience in aviation regulations, compliance and safety management, Baines Simmons has become recognised as one of the world’s most influential aviation consultancies in organisational safety performance.

Acquired in 2022 by leading aviation company Wheels Up, Baines Simmons complements the company’s private charter expertise with world-leading safety training, consulting and managed services. Together, the group forms a unique and powerful force in the aviation industry, combining almost sixty years of charter expertise with world-leading safety & security training, consulting and research services.

All our services are designed to:

  • Improve: Safety performance, organisational performance and operational capability
  • Protect: Lives, assets, profitability and reputation
  • Reduce: Risk, rework, error, inefficiency and incidents

We have partnered with more than 750 aviation organisations and 40 Aviation Authorities around the world and led a comprehensive range of regulatory, compliance and safety improvement programmes which have developed the skills and expertise of more than 120,000 aviation professionals across all sectors of the industry.

Consummate professionals with a passion for aviation safety, our expertise and practical approach is used to guide, influence and improve the safety performance of civil and defence aviation organisations around the globe.

  • Our training courses achieve 100% satisfaction for customer service and course content
  • Our consulting services attract endorsements and approval from the world’s top aviation companies
  • Our outsourced services are praised for their high standards of customer-focussed service, professional independence and cost efficiencies

Through our bespoke consultancy programmes and practically-focussed training services, we help to bridge gaps of knowledge, competence, skills and understanding between regulated organisations and their employees and regulatory authorities and their inspectors.

Every one of our consultants is hand-picked for their specialist skills, expertise and knowledge in a particular field of aviation safety risk management and regulatory compliance. Through them, we deliver customised solutions that are designed to reduce your exposure to safety risk, enhance organisational safety and manage and improve regulatory compliance.