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Improve your journey through Compliance to Performance

Professional aviation consultancy services in safety, regulations and compliance

Our trusted advisor aviation consulting services support your journey from compliance through to performance.

We are experts in organisational safety performance, focusing on the role of the human in aviation safety. Our broad range of aviation consulting services is designed to equip people and organisations with the practical skills and competence to manage safety better.

What is organisational safety performance?

Organisational safety performance is the ability of an organisation to assess how well it can manage safety risk and be able to take action to build up and continuously improve that capability in the most proactive, effective, consistent and transparent way.

How we can help you on your journey to organisational safety performance

Whether we’re engaged to support a particular project or to support your organisation strategically, we help you gain clarity on your needs and formulate solutions that not only dovetail with ICAO and EASA compliance frameworks, but proactively help your organisation go beyond compliance to performance.


Improving your competitive advantage

Through our consultants’ wide ranging experience and expertise, we aim to help you gain competitive advantage by building sustainable and superior risk-based decision-making capabilities that will help you:

Improve: Safety performance, business performance and operational capability
Protect: Lives, assets and business reputation
Reduce: Risk, rework, error, inefficiency and incidents

How we work with you

We are skilled at working with you in many different ways to ensure you get the best possible value from us and the best possible outcome and level of support for your organisation. We work in a variety of ways depending on your specific requirements:

  • Trusted advisors
  • Programme managers
  • Mentors and coaches
  • Strategic consultants
  • Change agents
  • Technical subject matter experts
  • Training Consultants