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Rotary Operators

We work with the world’s top rotary operators to help resolve their unique regulatory and safety aviation challenges

The safety of helicopter passengers and crew, and in particular offshore workers who rely on helicopter transport to get them safely to and from work, is fundamental to the successful operations of our rotary wing aircraft sector clients.

How we can help:

Operating in a market where having a clean safety track record goes hand in hand with a reputation for operational reliability, our clients look to us for help with a wide range of safety-related issues that fall into the broad categories of:

  • Safety Leadership: knowing how to motivate, inspire and lead safety effectively from the boardroom to the hangar and cockpit
  • Safety Culture: creating a powerful and binding safety culture that lives and breathes across the entire organisation
  • SMS Integration: Understanding how to effectively integrate safety systems across your organisation – and your supplier organisations – to create a total approach to safety and risk management
  • Human Factors & Error Management: Understanding the role of the human in our systems and processes and implementing and embedding effective error management systems (EMS) to prevent and predict accidents in the future
  • Regulations, Approvals & Airworthiness: Ensuring that compliance is always achieved through the intelligent adoption and practical application of the regulations to ensure approvals are maintained and aircraft are airworthy, operated and maintained safely.

Some of our Rotary Clients:

We partner with helicopter operators around the world to provide a broad range of regulatory, compliance and safety management consultancy services and in-company training programmes that are focussed on one key outcome: safety performance improvement.

Civil Aviation

  • CHC
  • Avincis (Babcock)
  • Bristow
  • OHI
  • Bond Offshore Helicopters
  • Caverton
  • FB Heliservices
  • Sky Shuttle Macau
  • Government Flying Service, Hong Kong
  • Patriot Aviation
  • The Queen’s Helicopter Flight
  • Sloane Helicopters

Defence Aviation

  • RAF
  • Royal Navy
  • British Army
  • Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter)
  • Agusta Westland
  • Boeing Defence UK