Course categories

UK CAA / EASA Air Operations Requirements - Effective Implementation

Reference: TR35

Accountable Managers/EASA Form 4 Holders (Nominated Person) - One-to-One Workshop

Reference: TR60

UK CAA / EASA Approved Organisations - Managers' Responsibilities

Reference: TR01

Airworthiness Best Practice for Managers

Reference: TR71

Effective Compliance Monitoring

Reference: TQ06

Practical Skills for Auditors

Reference: TQ02

Audit Team Leader Skills - Understanding your Responsibilities

Reference: TQ18

Effective Audit Techniques for Regulators

Reference: TQ04

Root Cause Analysis - Practical Application

Reference: TT23

Effective Fatigue Risk Management

Reference: TS120

Understanding How to Manage Fatigue Risk

Reference: TS132

Just Culture Essentials for Leaders & Managers

Reference: TS112

Initial Safety Training - Human Factors and Human Performance

Reference: TS07

Recurrent Safety Training - Improving Human Performance and Understanding Human Factors

Reference: TS08

Human Factors for Leaders and Managers

Reference: TS16

Practical Skills for Investigators (Multi-Environment)

Reference: TS30

Practical Skills for Event Review Groups

Reference: TS14

Investigation Interview Skills - Refresher

Reference: TS34

Management Systems – Safety Responsibilities

Reference: TS01

Practical Application of Safety Management Systems (SMS) - Essentials for Aviation Professionals

Reference: TS02

Safety Risk Management for Professional Practitioners

Reference: TS90

Introduction to BowTie Methodology

Reference: TS130

Applying BowTieXP in Aviation Organisations

Reference: TS101